Why Consense?

Anyone can 'consult'; but to be successful – and really add value to your consultation – you need to ensure you are saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time.

Most developers already undertake some form of consultation, and with the introduction of the Localism Bill developers will soon have a statutory duty to consult.

We believe that if clients are going to invest time and money in consultation they should use an approach that gives a return on their investment, and makes the process works for them. An approach that – as well as complying with statutory regulation – gives planning applications the best chance of success at committee.

This is our approach and where we believe we can add value to your consultation campaigns. We combine both innovative and tried-and-tested engagement practices to offer opportunities for all sides of the debate to get involved, whilst maintaining a flexibility to respond and evolve as necessary during the dynamic planning process.

We facilitate genuine, meaningful consultation, but within the context of a well-planned strategy to make sure our clients are always ‘one step ahead’, thus helping ensure the process works for them.

Our extensive consultation experience means that we provide a strategic insight into the local area, its influencers and who should be engaged. Coupled with our sector specific knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding consultation, this means we are prepared for any eventuality.

Finally, we are the market leader for online consultation and have developed our award-winning Open Debate system based on ease of use and best practice requirements. We are running over 120 online consultations and have been awarded five accolades for the system's ground-breaking approach to engagement.



It is good to work with a company who shares the same aims and standards about public consultation that we embrace...


Robin Basten
Wind Development Consultant