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We are now offering many new services and features. Take a look at the list below to see what is on
offer and see how it can be used to improve upon your consultation process.

Streamline FAQs

Our easy to use tool allows you to categorise frequently asked questions into topics and subject headings, enabling consultees to quickly find the answer they are looking for.

Users can either browse all, or search for specific topics using a designated search box, upon which a full list of FAQs (based on the search criteria) will be displayed. Should a question remain unanswered, users are prompted to ‘Suggest an FAQ’ via an interactive contact box, or to email the organisation directly using the static contact information.


  • Ability to create subject topics, headings, and upload FAQs using Open Debate
  • FAQs are displayed either by topic, or based on search field criteria
  • Capability for key search items to be tracked in Open Debate
  • Ability for consultees to suggest an FAQ


  • Can be integrated into any new or existing v3 Open Debate system
  • Provides a consistent and seamless user experience
  • Simple and easy to use
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