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Volkswind has a number of wind projects at various stages across the UK. Watford Lodge Wind Farm is a 12.5MW 5-turbine wind farm proposed for land neat Watford, Northamptonshire. Volkswind wanted to consult with the surrounding community on their plans, and so we designed and developed an online consultation using our Open Debate system. Upon launching we sourced the address database for and dispatched over 2,600 newsletters to the local residents introducing the company, their proposal and the online consultation address, to attract visitors. We created an interactive map to show the site location, photomontages, viewpoints and ZTV, and added our Support Letter Tool to mobilise support, whereby supporters can generate a support letter template that they can then personalise and send to the local planning officer. Happy with our work and service, Volkswind have used Open Debate for four more projects since.


We are keen to communicate as openly as possible with our local communities. The online consultations are just the start of our engagement exercises and we’re very pleased with the efficiency of Consense’s system.


Sarah Cowap

Director, Volkswind

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