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Back in 2008 Infinergy asked us to create an online consultation for their proposed 7-turbine New Albion Wind Farm near Kettering. We created an interactive map where users could zoom in and out of the site location and view the proposed development from key viewpoint photomontages and a layered folder system to display their 100 plus Environmental Impact Assessment documents. Since then we’ve launched nearly ten more consultations for Infinergy following the same concept; all of which Infinergy can manage the content, feedback from and images for, from one password-protected central Master Open Debate system. In January 2010 we were delighted to hear that New Albion Wind Farm was approved, with the online consultation running at 71% in support on closing.


We take consultation very seriously and by using online consultation alongside our face-to-face activities it has meant we can reach more people and encourage wider involvement in our proposal. Furthermore, the Open Debate system has been invaluable in helping us reach local supporters of
renewable energy.


Marlies Koustaal

Communications Manager, Infinergy

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