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Galliford Try Renewables

Shepham Wind Farm

Public and Stakeholder Consultation Management


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The renewable energy team from Galliford Try Renewables (GTR), one of the UK’s leading construction and house building groups, appointed us to manage community and stakeholder consultation for their proposed Shepham Wind Farm, a five-turbine wind farm on land near Polegate, East Sussex.

We compiled a Political & Community Report in May 2010. This involved research into the local community, local planning history and the local political environment. Using this insight, a bespoke consultation strategy was formulated, a consultation zone identified and stakeholder and media databases compiled. A number of phases of consultation have been undertaken, and a successful amendment to a Section 52 agreement meant that the plans entered into the public domain at a very early stage of the project. This involved sending newsletters to over 4,000 local households and businesses; briefing packs to over 150 local Councillors and interest groups; and press releases, introducing GTR and the development, to the local media. An online consultation was also launched.

In September 2010, prior to the scoping and met mast application being submitted, Consense organised two public exhibitions. Additional exhibitions were held in May 2012 before the planning application was submitted, along with further stakeholder, political and media liaison. A Statement of Community Consultation was produced to be submitted with the planning application. Since the application has been submitted, we have carried out further consultation, including:

  • Producing a detailed project-specific 'Answers to Questions' booklet
  • Attending one-to-one meetings with residents and stakeholders
  • Political and media liaison
Polegate Wind Farm


It is good to work with a company who shares the same aims and standards about public consultation that we embrace. Wind farm proposals are notoriously controversial; however, Consense’s strategic approach to the consultation process and effective engagement has resulted in our proposals being well received by the local communities in which we work.


Robin Basten

Wind Development Consultant, Galliford Try Renewables

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