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Energy Power Resources

Thetford Renewable Energy Plant, consultation management

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Energy Power Resources Ltd (EPR) is proposing to build a biomass plant near Thetford in Norfolk which will generate 40MWe by burning waste wood. Consense is managing the public consultation process for the development, and supporting EPR throughout the entire planning process.

The first stage of the project comprised initial research into the local community, local planning history and the local political environment; formulating a consultation strategy and identifying a consultation zone; and compiling a stakeholder and media database.

Pre-submission consultation including contacting the consultation zone and key stakeholders to introduce the scheme and invite them to a public exhibition. A press release and briefing pack was sent to local media and a preliminary online consultation website was launched, with outline information about the project. We then organised an exhibition on behalf of EPR, holding separate sessions each stakeholder group to enable the development team to focus on each set of consultees individually. We managed all aspects of the exhibition, and following the event, we updated the online consultation, sent Thank You letters to all attendees and issued a press release highlighting the positive feedback received.

Prior to submission, we compiled the Statement of Community Consultation and produced and update newsletter and press release advising consultees on how they could make further comment. All those who had expressed support for the project during the consultation process were contacted by email or letter and encouraged to with to Norfolk County Council (NCC) in support.


The team at Consense has supported us from project ‘launch’ to post-submission of the application; through strategic research and planning, stakeholder liaison, PR, public exhibitions and feedback analysis. Being based in Suffolk, Consense has a strong understanding of this region in terms of its community and political makeup and all the various tiers of people to engage with. Consense is well placed to deliver services quickly and efficiently; and their strategic approach and invaluable expertise within the public engagement sector makes them a good choice for consultation management services.


Gary Coombs

Business Development Manager, Energy Power Resources Limited

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