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Cambridgeshire Energy Survey online consultation

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73,300 new homes are to be built in Cambridgeshire between 2001 and 2021, creating a number of new communities. Cambridgeshire Horizons, the not-for-profit company responsible for coordinating and implementing the sustainable growth strategy for Cambridgeshire, needed to give the residents and workers of Cambridgeshire the opportunity to give their opinion on the options for the use of renewables in these new communities.

Renewables East, on behalf of Cambridgeshire Horizons, approached us to develop an online consultation site using our Open Debate system, enabling visitors to read about the sustainability targets for the region, learn about a variety of renewable and low carbon technologies and complete a consultation questionnaire giving their opinion on the future role of renewables.

The online consultation also featured an Interactive Energy Plan, demonstrating how various renewable technologies - including wind power, biomass CCHP and solar PV - could be deployed in a hypothetical community. An Interactive House showed how various low carbon design features, such as passive solar and air tightness; plus a range of renewable technologies can be used for individual households.

We were responsible for managing incoming questions during the consultation period and all comments received were replied to within 10 days. We also provided weekly summary reports to Renewable East. At the end of the 16 week consultation period, Consense collated the consultation questionnaire responses and produced a consultation report for Renewables East of the full consultation period.


The website is an extremely useful educational tool, with clear descriptions of different types of renewable energy sources, and background information about why sustainability and our local response to the issues of climate change are so important to the future of Cambridgeshire – and beyond.


Alex Plant

Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire Horizons

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