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Aegir Wave Power

Shetland Wave Farm online consultation



Aegir Wave Power, a joint venture company between Pelamis Wave Power and Vattenfall, is developing a 10MW wave farm off the southwest coast of Shetland. The farm, which was awarded an agreement for lease from The Crown Estate in May 2011, will consist of between 10 to 14 Pelamis wave machines.

We designed and developed a website for the proposed wave farm, which includes information on the technology and the site, plus an RSS feed and a link to the Pelamis Facebook page. At the stage of public consultation, the website will become interactive and enable online feedback.

Aegir can use the content management tool in their Open Debate system to keep the website updated.


We chose Consense to develop our project website because they have an unparalleled reputation and experience in the renewables sector. Our website is designed to inform and update all interested parties on the progress of our wave farm development off the coast of Shetland. Consense were great to work with and we are very pleased with the resulting website.


Rosalind Hart

Senior Engineer, Aegir Wave Power

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