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We are now offering many new services and features. Take a look at the list below to see what is on
offer and see how it can be used to improve upon your consultation process.

Online mapping tool

Integrate our Online Mapping Tool onto your consultation site and allow consultees to pinpoint exactly how a proposal could affect the local area.

Using a KML Google Map file, the tool enables users to not only view the location of the project, but also zoom in on a particular location/property simply by entering a postcode.

Map Specification & Functionality:

  • Google Map displaying key locations, landmarks, overhead lines, turbine locations etc
  • Zoom capability
  • Map/satellite view
  • Branded key to match website style
  • Postcode capability - enables users to enter postcode and automatically zoom in to specified area.


  • Allows users to easily indentify how the proposal will affect them and their location/property
  • Easy to use - familiar Google Maps interface
  • Fits with the webpage functionality and style
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