16 September 2013

Two online consultations launched

Consense have this week launched two websites for established clients Airvolution and AGRenewables, both to consult the public and engage their feedback on new renewable energy projects.

An online consultation was launched earlier this week for AGRenewables, for the proposed development of a solar park adjacent to Kessel Quarry, near Penryn in Cornwall. To assist in the consultation process, Consense have also produced various communication materials including project newsletters, stakeholder letters and exhibition displays, which were designed and printed by us in-house.

This week has also seen the launch of a new Airvolution microsite, for the proposed construction of four wind turbines at New Rides Farm, to the south of Eastchurch. Airvolution have used their bespoke Open Debate system to effectively generate a consultation-enabled microsite in-house. The microsite is content managed and invites users to register for updates, and submit questions and comments via a feedback form.

Both Airvolution and AGRenewables can log into their Open Debate systems to manage all of their online consultations. They can use the straight forward admin tool to contact registered users with news and updates, and generate reports on online activity and feedback, ensuring a clear audit trail of communication.