12 July 2013

Bloor engage Cheltenham residents with interactive Touchscreens

A sixth online consultation for Bloor Homes was launched last month for the proposed development of Elms Park at North West Cheltenham. A joint venture between Bloor Homes and Persimmon Homes, Elms Park seeks to deliver essential new business spaces, jobs and housing for Cheltenham.

Consense were asked to build a consultation website which encourages early engagement in the planning process. The online consultation provides full details of the Elms Park proposal and invites local community members to register, provide feedback via a questionnaire and ask a question via an online comment form. 

Three public exhibitions were held last month which invited members of the public to ask questions of the project team, and engage with the Elms Park proposals. To assist the consultation process, we provided Bloor with an interactive touchscreen facility which allowed individuals to easily complete an online questionnaire and share valuable feedback. This feedback was stored directly into the award-winning Open Debate system, which allowed Bloor homes to easily monitor and respond to feedback; and maintain an audit trial of all communication.

More than 500 people attended the public exhibitions making our touchscreen technology a successful tool within the consultation process.