02 March 2015

Tidal Lagoon announce five new projects

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Following a campaign to build the world's first power-generating tidal lagoon in Swansea, Tidal Lagoon Power has announced plans for a series of tidal lagoons across the UK.

Alongside the current Swansea Bay proposal, there are five additional tidal lagoons planned – located in Cardiff, Newport, Colwyn Bay, Bridgwater and West Cumbria. It is hoped that these lagoons will generate 8% of the UK's electricity for an investment of £12bn.

The plans demonstrate that a tidal lagoon will capture incoming and outgoing tides behind giant sea walls, with the weight of the water powering the turbines. Due to the regular and predictable motion of the tides, it is a favourable form of renewable energy production. When completed and functional, it is estimated that the turbines will be active for an average of 14 hours a day.

It is expected that the sea wall of the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon will stretch more than five miles, with a reach of more than two miles out to sea. The lagoon will then be used for sport and leisure purposes, with the hope of keeping any potential disturbance to fisherman to a minimum.

Tidal Lagoon Power is currently in discussions with the government regarding costs for the power generated. For the Swansea scheme – a £1bn project expected to produce energy for 155,000 homes – the firm is negotiating for £168 per MWh for electricity, with the cost reducing to £90-£95 MWh for the supposed second project, a more efficient lagoon in Cardiff.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has told BBC News: "I can't make a decision on this yet because discussions are ongoing. But I'm very excited by the prospect of tidal power.

"We have got some of the biggest tidal ranges in the world and it would be really useful if we could harness some of that clean energy."

For the online public and stakeholder data capturing, Tidal Lagoon Power have used Consense and the Open Debate system. Open Debate is our award-winning consultation tool that helps our clients engage with a wide range of people and demonstrate an open and inclusive approach through accessible, interactive and fully auditable consultations.

Read the BBC article on the Tidal Lagoon announcement


20 November 2014

We are recruiting!

Mid-weight designer

Consense and its parent company Integrated Ideas are looking for an experienced mid-weight designer to join our team. The designer’s primary day-to-day role will be to work closely with the developers and account managers on responsive website design, presentation design and artwork for a small amount of offline print.

Key Responsibilities/Tasks:

The main duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Work on the implementation of creative briefs with the other team members.
  • Sometimes be required to communicate with clients directly to discuss their creative needs.
  • Interpreting the client’s business needs and developing a concept to suit their purpose.
  • Be involved in estimating the time required to complete the work and providing timescales to the project managers
  • We are all about ideas, so take part in ideas brainstorming for our own and client projects.
  • Deliver work that is on brand and messages communicated in accordance with the creative strategy, brand tone, the target audience, media used and the overall campaign strategy.
  • Liaise with printers and other external suppliers.
  • Presenting finalised ideas and concepts to clients or account managers.
  • Proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality work.
  • Working on layouts and art-working pages ready for print.
  • Keeping abreast of emerging technologies in new media, particularly design programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects.
  • Developing interactive design.

Skills/Competencies Required:

  • An excellent understanding of concept development.
  • A great ability to turn creative strategy and concepts into strong ideas.
  • Understand web design and the implications a design can have on the user journey as well as the functionality possible.
  • A good understanding of user experience and how it influences design
  • Experience working on integrated campaigns with a great understanding of how individual elements work together for a successful campaign.
  • Demonstrable experience of working with offline print and responsive web design
  • Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, (Mac based).
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Excellent creative flair
  • Ability to express ideas in written and verbal form with clarity.
  • Ability to work closely with other team members
  • As an agency, we require someone who is flexible in their approach and understand the need for the occasional time critical projects.

Additionally it would be of benefit if the candidate has experience and knowledge in:

  • Filming
  • Photography
  • After Effects software

Please send CV’s to Julia Grant:


10 February 2014

Consense launch online consultation for Scotland Corner Wind Farm

Consense has this month launched its seventh online consultation site for renewable energy developer Coriolis.

The online consultation for the proposed development of Scotland Corner Wind Farm, a seven turbine project capable of generating up to 30,000MWh of clean electricity every year, aims to encourage early engagement in the planning process.

The website allows users to learn more about the proposed plans, register for project updates and provide feedback via an online comment form.

Coriolis can log into their Open Debate system to manage all their live online consultations. They can utilise the easy-to-use admin tool to manage website content, contact registered users with news and updates, and generate reports on online activity, including community feedback.