Don't forget the print!

I love printed design – you simply can’t beat the smell of a freshly printed newsletter and the feel of the stock on your fingertips!

In recent years there has been a dramatic move to online consultation as developers strive to ensure community and stakeholder engagement is more accessible, interactive and auditable.

Whilst there are clear and tangible benefits to online consultation, such as the ability to attract a broader audience, it is imperative that developers don’t neglect traditional methods of communication.

We recognise the need for a well-planned strategy, which facilitates both genuine and meaningful consultation, part of this is ensuring you have the tools available to involve everyone in the engagement process, not just those with a broadband connection.

With an in-house design team and large-format printing facilities we are able to provide our clients with a variety of printed materials which can aid the consultation process. These materials form part of our full consultation management service, but can be used on a flexible, ad-hoc basis too. Given we hold these capabilities in-house, lead times are reduced and our prices are competitive.

Typical projects include newsletters, exhibition boards, posters, invitations, leaflets and logo/brand design. We can also supply address databases and arrange distribution via Royal Mail. To find out more about our full service offering please click here.



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