Gaining valuable experience at 2Cs and Consense…

Whilst studying Marketing at university, for me, it is important to gain as much experience possible in order to ensure I gain a good understanding of which route to go down once I have completed my degree. Being given the opportunity to spend the day with full service marketing agency 2Cs and their specialist division Consense did just this. Being in my second year I feel it’s important to gain a good understanding now giving myself enough time to experience different aspects of marketing communications whilst studying to reaffirm what theories I have learnt and to direct me on the path of my career. I was greeted at their office in Ipswich by Jessica Topham, Director of Consense. We discussed for a while my own studies and what I would possible like to do in the future. We also discussed how the organisation works and the different types of clients they work with.

I spent the morning with Sarah Scott, Project and Marketing Manager of 2Cs who gave me a number of useful insights and very helpful advice. She explained the benefits of working within the marketing industry both in house and for an agency. It was from that I was able to determine why my interests lie in working for an agency - giving me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and with a number of different people. She also explained to me the journey of her career and how she got to be where she is today, making me feel very comfortable with what my own path after university may hold.

Sarah explained to me how the agency worked with regards to its project teams. I found this very interesting that project teams work closely together in a professional yet interactive and social office environment. It gives staff the opportunity to talk with their co-workers on projects and other staff who may be working on other projects about different aspects of work. They are able to share their opinions and ideas meaning the office gives off a fresh and creative culture.

Because of the good working relationships internally, all staff both in Consense and 2Cs are able to merge and work together on different projects. Relationships between the agency and their clients was also presented as strong; clients were able to have constant communication with their account handlers throughout the day should they need anything. Witnessing the two-way communication in action allowed me to recognise the theory of relationship marketing I have studied during my time at university and the importance of it.

I spent the afternoon in the Consense office where I was able to talk with Jessica about the clients they work with in more detail. This allowed me to see that there is a variety of clients they work with but that they specialise in digital PR for the planning sector. Jessica explained to me the types of services they offer to their clients and talked me through a number of examples of community consultation projects the organisation had worked on.

All in all, my day with the 2Cs and Consense was very interesting and a fantastic glimpse of what it would be like to work in a full service marketing agency. I am very grateful to everyone I spoke with there and the opportunity they gave me to be the shadow in the office for the day.



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